Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kangana Ranaut: Commitment phobic or publicity hungry?

By Glamsham Editorial
Kangana Ranaut is widely known for the eccentric characters she portrays on the big screen! But the small town girl manages to keep the grape wine abuzz with her link-ups and relationships, more than her career graph.
This self-proclaimed trendsetter made it to the front page after a long time for publically announcing yet another relationship. But this relationship with UK-based doctor Nicholas Lafferty fell flat soon after, with Kangana citing the age old reason of not being ready for a commitment.
What went wrong you ask? Well, sources close to the actress told Zoom that the whole relationship was a figment of Kangana's imagination! The actress paid to get herself clicked with her beau and had the pictures published in the media!
Money can't buy love for sure, but it can certainly buy you the desired publicity! Right Miss Ranaut?

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